May 24, 2017

The Many Faces of Cooper

This sweet boy has been in our arms for about 7 and a half weeks now and we just think he's the greatest thing ever.  And he also cracks us up with all of his faces.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was planning to do a post about the many faces of Cooper but he had an off day, so it didn't go as planned.  But I've been capturing different facial expressions over the last couple of weeks so I thought I'd share them here.

His waking up face.  He looks kind of upset, but really he had been wide awake and smiling--then I took his swaddle off his arms so he is stretching big

He loves to "talk" to us and make different faces.  This is the beginning of a smile

 This is what my heartbroken boy does every time we switch sides during his feedings.  He gets so very upset, but then is quickly content again once he's eating

After he eats he gets a little milk drunk and drowsy.  Usually he doesn't fall asleep he just chills for a while and then is ready to play 
Sometimes he snuggles with us while he's drowsy

He is very focused when he plays!  He has started really focusing on toys and tracking them with his eyes!

 This is the classic Cooper face.  He makes this face a lot.  When others hold him they comment that he must not like them or he might be upset about something because he furrows his little brow.  But that's just him.

Not too big a fan of being woken up from his car seat nap so we can take him out of his seat 
His "what in the world is happening" face comes out when his cousins are around!

 And that sweet pathetic pouty lip.  Oh my goodness it makes me want to scoop him up right away!

I love when I'm rocking him to sleep and he smiles up at me under his pacifier

 And then he gets super sleepy and drifts off to sleep

And of course, the big smiles we get when we talk to, kiss him and play with him are the very best.

I just want to capture all these sweet moments because he is changing so much all the time and I know he will be so different soon!  Love this sweet boy and all of his faces

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