May 1, 2017

Cooper's Cubbyhole: 1 Month

Cooper is 1 month old today, so we are starting the series of monthly blog updates for him.  Since we frequently call him our baby bear, David figured that the term cubbyhole fit this series well.  So here we go with the first installment of Cooper's cubbyhole.

Weight: 8 lbs 10.5 ounces

Height: 22 inches
Diaper Size: Newborn
Clothes Size: You are too long for your newborn footie pajamas, but still fit well into the newborn onesies.  Size 0-3 clothes still seem too big for you
Things you Love: Being Held, Being Swaddled, Your Pacifier
Things you Don’t Love: Bath time, Being Hungry
Milestones: You are doing so well when you play on the floor. When you are on your tummy you will lift your head and turn it to the other side!  You will smile at us sometimes, but are still mostly serious.  You also are a great sleeper and will usually go one 7 hour stretch at night between feedings which is amazing.

Sweet boy, we are just so in love with you. Both your Daddy and I feel like the transition from family of 2 to family of 3 has gone much easier than either of us expected which is largely because you are just so easy most of the time. You fit perfectly in our family and light up our lives so much. It's amazing to me to see God's grace in how much healing He has brought into my life through you. You are so special and we can't wait to see you continue to grow!

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