May 19, 2017

High Five for Friday

Woohoo--Friday is here!

1. Lily and Coop took their first car ride together this week!  We took Lily to Petsmart for a bath and to get her nails cut/grinded, so we all loaded up Monday to take her.  She is used to jumping into the car and immediately jumping across to the other side, so she was a little confused by the baby in the middle, but she did really well. She actually mostly just laid on the floor underneath his car seat, but we had stopped here so David could run into a store so she was up on the seat looking for him in this picture.

2. This sweet boy has been having a pretty rough week.  So we've been doing a whole lot of this.  I haven't gotten much done at all, but I'll take the snuggles.
 3. Yesterday marked 5 years since our first date!  We celebrated by going out to lunch at BJs (where we went on our first date).  We enjoyed lunch and pizookies for dessert and of course had our cute 3rd wheel in tow.  It's been a fun 5 years of dating and I love that we still get to go on lots of dates together.  Time with him is my very favorite!

4. In his not-so-fussy moments, Cooper is becoming very engaged with some of his toys.  He has started really looking at all of the toys on his play mat and even will hit some of them.  He can stay entertained for a long time just laying here and looking at all of the animals hanging down.  He also likes looking at the precious baby in the mirror on the side of the play mat.  

5. Cooper and I are heading to my Book Club tonight at my friend Jill's house.  I finally finished the book this morning and I thought it was a good story.  Looking forward to a fun evening with friends!

Happy Weekend!

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