May 16, 2017

Mother's Day

We had a really great Mother's Day weekend thanks to our new little guy!  We were able to see both of our moms and spend good time with family.

We woke up Saturday and Cooper put on his Team Grandma onesie to go have breakfast with Grandma (my mom).  When he outgrew his Newborn clothes, his 0-3 clothes still swallowed him up--but there was 1 brand of onesies from Target that seemed to fit him well and seemed like they'd leave some room to grow so I decided to get another pack of them.  So I picked out a pack that had a baseball theme and it happened to have a Team Grandma onesie in it which I thought was funny!

We met my mom and my brother and his family at Breadwinners for breakfast Saturday morning.  My other brother woke up sick so we missed him.   Cooper's cousins were all about him that morning.  He was asleep in the car seat for the first half of breakfast, but they both kept coming around to see him and gently touch him.  And when he started waking up, Piper was quick to notice and yelled out "Cooper waking up!" as she jumped up and down excitedly.

This picture pretty much sums up Cooper's morning--lots of snuggles and 2 cousins who want to be closeby touching him.  It will be fun as he gets bigger and can play with them more, but I'm glad they are interested in him now too when he's pretty boring :)

 Grandma and her grandbabies

Sunday we got up and got ready for church.  I snapped a picture with my favorite little guy on the way out the door.
We were glad to get to be at Woodcreek for Mother's Day.  We've enjoyed getting to take Cooper in the Baby K'tan and he pretty much just crashes and sleeps through the service every week.  For Mother's Day our church did baby dedications and it was fun being there as some of our friends dedicated their babies, including Cooper's future best friends Eli and Maddie :)

After church we had lunch and then we headed to Cleburne to visit Cooper's Nanny and Pappaw (David's parents) and Aunt Rachel.  It was Cooper's longest car ride yet and he did great--he slept for the first half and then when he woke up he just cooed contently in his car seat.

 Cooper was glad to get to celebrate and snuggle with his Nanny for Mother's Day
 And he's pretty fond of his Pappaw too!

Before we headed home, I changed him into his footed pajamas (I didn't get a picture of the whole thing, but there are monkeys on the feet!).  You can't read it, but the square at the top says "Wild about Mommy."  I'm pretty wild about this little guy and was so glad to get to spend my first Mother's Day with him!

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erin m said...

Eli has those footed pajamas (and Maddie has the pink girly one), and I LOVE the monkey feet :)