May 10, 2017

Baby Smiles

So I was planning to do a post about the many faces of Cooper throughout the day, but honestly today has been a rough one for him.  He is just out of sorts today and has been pretty fussy and needed lots of snuggles--if I'd posted about his faces throughout the day they mainly would have been sad ones or sleepy ones, so I'll save it for another day.  But as I've been enjoying the snuggles, I thought it'd be fun to look at some his smiles over the past month.

 This was the first smile we got from him when he was a few weeks old.  He smiled when I would put the pacifier near his mouth/cheek.

 Then he started smiling more in response to us.  He will smile when you talk to him as he watches you and he even has started smiling when he just hears my voice sometimes.

And today I captured this precious smile that he gave me while I was getting him ready for the day.

This sweet boy and his precious smile melt my heart!  I know the smiles will only get better with time.

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