June 10, 2015

Life Lately

So the past few months have been a little crazy--with broken bones, a funeral, a vacation, wrapping up the year with various commitments--I've missed out on posting about a few things.  So here's a little bit of life lately.

I stole this picture from my friend Amy's blog.  At the end of April we had our last life group with the Young Adults group.  I started going to Bible Study with the 20's group in the fall of 2010 and have been in a group with Katie pretty much ever since then.  But David and I wrapped up our time with the Young Adults' Group Bible Studies at the end of our Roman's study.  We're stepping out into a new season and not entirely sure what it looks like.  And as excited as I am to see what God has in store for us, it's weird to not meet with Katie, Melissa and Amy every Tuesday night for Life Group.  On our last night meeting all together Katie went through her prayer journal and found some requests that went back to 2011.  We've been meeting together for a long time and I'm so grateful for the friendships I have with these girls!  In a weird season of figuring out what community looks like after that, it's nice to have such great friendships and connections that I know will last beyond that group.

 For my mom's Mothers' Day Gift we all headed to a Ranger's game.  We met up with my family after church one Sunday and enjoyed an afternoon at the ballpark.  I borrowed David's hat for our picture together
 My mom and I enjoyed snuggling with this adorable Ranger's fan.  Piper was pretty happy throughout the game and did lots of smiling and babbling with me.
 And Chase had a blast too!

May was a month of storms.  And Lily is not a fan of storms at all.  So we spent a lot of our time at home with Lily under a blanket--if you look closely you can see the outline of her head under the blanket in the middle of this picture :)

Before our friend Teng's parents headed back to China, we had one last dinner with them.  Our friend Jihye cooked an authentic Korean dish and had us over to her apartment.  It was nice getting to chat with Teng's parents--to hear the stories of him growing up and his dad told us a lot about Chinese history.  And we got to brag on what a great guy they've raised!

We got some new-to-us couches last weekend.  My Aunt & Uncle have been cleaning out my grandfather's suite at their house so they had asked if anyone wanted anything from it.  They were generous to let David and I get his old couch and love seat.  We've done well with our mismatched furniture, but have talked about getting something a little nicer, so when this opportunity came up we were very excited.  So we rented a uhaul and went and brought them home.  They are nice leather and have built-in recliners!  We are definitely enjoying them.

 This past weekend we got to use our pool for the first time this season.  After all of the rain it took some time to treat it and get it ready, but it finally is.  David and I swam Sunday afternoon and we even tried to get Lily to join us.  We eventually just threw her in the pool, but she quickly wanted out and was perfectly content to find a shady spot to lay down and watch us!

One of my facebook friends has often posted about Del's burgers and how great they are.  When I looked it up and realized it was only a few miles from us, I knew we had to try it.  David and I met there Monday night for dinner so we could celebrate his first day at his new job.  The burgers were very tasty and we enjoyed their homemade root beer too!

And that's a glimpse of what's going on around here!

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