June 22, 2015

Cooking up Memories: Chicken & Spinach Pasta Bake

This was the last "dinner" recipe that I had to make.  My sister-in-law Aja gave me this recipe and I remember she told me that it was one that both she and my brother really like.  For some reason I just hadn't gotten around to making it yet.

I put it together this evening amidst cleaning our office and going through our mail.  It took a little time since the past has to cook and then it all has to bake, but it was easy to put together and we really liked it.

David said he thought it had a really good flavor.  It was a bit spicy for me (seems to be the theme of a lot of these--I'm a whimp when it comes to spice!) so I may cut down the Rotel next time, but I still really liked it and we will definitely be eating the rest of it this week in leftovers.
Chicken & Spinach Pasta Bake
*8 oz package Rigatoni--cooked *1 10 oz package of Frozen Spinach--thawed *3 cups Cubed Cooked Chicken *1 10 oz can Rotel, undrained *1 8 oz container Philadelphia Chive & Onion Cream Cheese *1.5 cups Shredded Mozzarella
-Drain spinach well, pressing between paper towels
-Mix all ingredients (except mozzarella) in bowl.
-Spoon mixture into greased 11x7 baking dish.  Sprinkle evenly with shredded mozzarella. 
-Bake at 375 covered for 30 minutes--uncover and bake 15 more minutes

I'm down to just 3 more recipes after this one.  Due to some duplicates, it ended up being 50 recipes and it's almost been a year since I started this!  I will definitely be posting a list of our top recipes once I'm done :)

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