March 5, 2015

Snow Day

It was hard to believe that after so much ice and snow last week--my office was only open 1 full day all last week-- that there was more snow in the forecast this week.  It's always hard to know how accurate those forecasts are, but it seemed that as last night got closer the percent chance of snow increased.

And then we got more than they were even predicting.  The official snowfall at DFW airport was 3.4" but I saw several reports that the North Dallas area (which is close to where we live) had about 6" of snow last night.  

I slept through the snow falling (snow fall started around midnight) but I woke up to a text of a delayed opening at work and looked out my window to a blanket of white.  I took Lily out this morning and it was so peaceful.  Once David got up he snapped a few more pictures.  It was fun seeing our house surrounded by a blanket of snow (again)

 My and Lily's tracks in the snow

Our office delayed opening until noon, but our boss urged us to stay home the whole day since it did't get above freezing until afternoon.  The roads were better by around noon or 1:00, but I didn't see the sense in driving to our office and risking it if I didn't have to, so I took some PTO for the afternoon.  

I spent most of the day working around the house and getting things done.

There is a bit of irony in the fact that I used my snow day to put out my Spring decorations!  When I got my own place, I started out just decorating for Fall and Winter (Christmas) mostly, then I collected a few Valentine's things so I would put those out in the transition from Christmas into the new year.  But this year I added a few new things in for a more Spring feel this time of year.  

I found free printables online to fill my frames. {11x14} {5x7} and I had found several Welcome/Hello Spring Prints that I loved, but then a blogger I followed posted this {8x10} of "What We Believe About God" and I decided to go with that one.

I stocked up on some mason jars and stems of white flowers on sale at Michaels earlier this week.  I painted a few of the jars and added burlap and/or ribbon to the others and filled them with flowers.  I added in some candles (pear, lemon, and vanilla) and a small bowl of jelly beans.  It came together rather nicely {I think} for our makeshift sofa table and our dining table centerpiece

And then I spent the better part of the afternoon assembling our patio furniture!  It came in several weeks ago and I put together our 2 rocking chairs then.  Today I put together the 4 chairs and bench that go with our table and I stained them all with Teak Wood to help them endure the outdoors.  David will help me tighten up all the bolts this weekend and once we put together our table we'll post pictures of the finished products, but here's a peak of my afternoon in the garage

I was grateful for an impromptu day off and glad for all that I was able to accomplish!

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