March 21, 2015

Home Sweet Home: Bedroom Update {and some outdoor add-ons}

I mentioned a few weeks ago, that I was looking forward to painting our bedroom.  After we bought our new headboard, I started looking for the right paint color for our room.  I picked up several paint chips and we hung a few on our wall while we decided which one.  Last weekend we went and bought paint so everything would  be ready to go this week.  

My co-worker that most of my evaluations are with was off at the end of this week for her kids' spring break, so I decided I'd take Thursday off to paint.

Our room before we took down all the pictures and moved the furniture out:

Today with our new silversmith gray paint:

 {Lily was glad to be home--she stayed with Grandma while I painted}

I was able to put on 2 coats of paint on Thursday and that was the perfect amount of coverage.  We spent today getting everything put back and finding new places for things

 After I painted I decided I wanted to not put back all of the pictures on our gallery wall.  I loved them all, but I also really loved the new paint, so I wanted less on that wall.  I moved some of our pictures to the built-ins when you walk in.  We had a few decorations in these before, but mainly they just collected stuff and clutter, so I added pictures in

And our only new decor other than the paint is from this idea I found on pinterest (which is where I find all of my ideas):

 The few decorations still on our walls.  Above: the sign with our dates on them and one of our favorite black and whites from the wedding.  Below: The D sign my best friend Erin made us as a gift and our vows that I printed and framed

When we moved in to our house, all of our walls had been freshly painted and the color was good enough that I figured I'd wait until I knew exactly what I wanted before we painted anything.  I've had the itching to paint our bedroom for over a month and I love the way it turned out!  The next thing I really want painted is our living room area, but since it's connected to our dining room and kitchen that's a big undertaking.  So for now I'm just enjoying our updated room!

As if that wasn't enough, we also got lots of projects done outside this weekend.

This picture may not show much, but our windows now have screens!  When we moved in all of the window screens were stacked neatly in our garage.  In the Fall we had tried to put a few on the Living room windows, but we couldn't get them to work so we gave up.  Now that the weather is getting nicer again I really wanted a way to open the windows without getting bugs in or letting a dog out.  David called a company that makes window screens and the guy came out today to help us troubleshoot getting the screens on.  And success!  Since we knew so little about it, we just assumed that the biggest screens were for the biggest windows.  Not so.  Apparently the front windows all have full screens and the rest only have screens on the bottom.  The guy who helped us said in his 25 years in the business he's never seen them put together that way.  He helped us match them up and get the first few on and then we put the rest on ourselves.  I'm so excited to have window screens!

We also finished assembling our patio furniture.  We put together the table and got it all set up.  It's an extendable table, so when people come over, we can extend it and add the bench in for more seating.  I can't wait to use it! 

We also replaced the light fixture in our backyard.  It had stopped working this week and instead of rewiring it we decided to buy a new one--the old one was motion sensing, but I really wanted one that we could turn on and have it stay on without motion.  

It's been a few days full of home projects.  I love every part of making it our home!

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erin m said...

So fun! I love the updates :) Yay for making things feel like home!