March 27, 2015

Cooking up Memories: Italian Creme Cake

This recipe came from my Aunt Connie and I had been trying to find the right time to make it.  We signed up to bring a dessert for our International Student Bible Study this week, so I thought this would be a good spring-time dessert.

After my trip to the grocery store this morning I started on the cake batter:

One of the ingredients if 5 egg whites beaten.  So while my Kitchenaid did the work of mixing the first parts of the batter, I beat the egg whites.  I put it together and baked it.

And then I took a break to go get lunch and pedicure with my mom: 
 You've got to have time to let the cake cool before you can ice it, so I had to find some way to fill in the time ;-)

Then I came home and whipped up the icing

Spread it on the cake and sent David off to ICF with it.  It's been a fairly crazy/busy/stressful week for me, so I decided to stay home and rest tonight.

Italian Creme Cake
*2 cups Sugar *1 stick Oleo *1/2 cup Crisco *5 Egg Yolks *2 cups Flour *1 teaspoon Soda *1 can Coconut {I had some left over coconut flakes so I used those} *1 teaspoon Vanilla *5 Eggs Whites beaten *1 cup Buttermilk
-Cream oleo, crisco and sugar
-Add egg yolks
-Alternate with flour, soda and milk
-Add coconut and vanilla
-Fold in egg whites
-Bake 25 minutes at 350
Italian Icing:
*1 8 ounce package Cream Cheese *1 stick Oleo *1 box Confection Sugar *1 cup Pecans, chopped *1 teaspoon Vanilla
-Cream together & spread over the cake

I honestly don't make a whole lot of cakes or icings from scratch, but this one was easy to put together and came together pretty quickly.

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