November 6, 2014

Year of Dates: Outdoor Fun

So this was supposed to be our October date, but we didn't actually get to it until November 1.  With the move to the house we now can't find the original date cards--and I knew what October's would be and we had very few free days in October where the weather was nice, so I wasn't in a rush.  But last Friday I printed out the remaining date cards and gave him both October and November.

This past Saturday we went to a seminar at church in the morning, but then the rest of our day was completely free.  I decided to change up to the date a little and just make it about some outdoor fun and exploring our new neighborhood.  I gave David the option of still going to White Rock Lake, but we decided to stay in Richardson

 First we checked out the Four Seasons Market.  It was pretty small, but had some good vendors.  We didn't get much--but it was fun to check it out and to know where to go to buy some good produce and meats in the future!

 After that we headed to the park in our neighborhood for a picnic.
 It's so beautiful down here!  I love that this park is just down the street from us.  But with our crazy schedules lately we hadn't actually made it to the park together.  So it was fun to go on Saturday afternoon--and it was a beautiful day!

 We grabbed Raising Cane's for our Picnic

 We went home for a little while and then I convinced David to join me in checking out a new gym right by our house.  I had seen it a few weeks ago and when I looked into their website I decided to check it out.  They are fairly inexpensive and have some of the classes I like... and they are less than 2 miles from our house!  Their website offered a free guest pass, so we both downloaded those to check it out together.  It was something fun and different for us, because we rarely ever go to the gym together--we both go separately when we go.  David can work out for free at his work, so we only got a membership for me--but I was glad to have my buddy there for my first time!

 Then we decided to bundle up and watch a movie outside Saturday night.  It was our first really cold day/evening of the year and it was fun being out there.  We set up my laptop and some blankets and watched part of a Harry Potter movie before we headed inside.  It was fun checking out our backyard in a new way!
 I absolutely love this time of year and was glad for a mostly outdoor day with my guy.  I know this date wasn't super "sports themed" but I promise the next few will be.  

Stay tuned for details of our November date coming up this weekend!

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