November 14, 2014

Year of Dates: College Football

Every November our College football teams play each other and it's usually a very exciting game.  We've watched the game together the last couple of years and have managed to still like each other afterward.  So I figured that was a perfect thing for our November date--to settle in and watch the game together.  Then in August we decided to get tickets and go to the game in Norman, so our November date became a weekend away!

We packed up Friday morning and headed North to Oklahoma City to stay with David's Uncle & Aunt and visit family.  I was so excited to pass this on our way up...
 ... the Bears were headed to Norman!

We stopped and met David's best friend for lunch in Moore and then we spent the afternoon and evening with family.  We had dinner with family and got to meet David's cousin's little girl who was born in April.  

We settled in for a good night's sleep since we had to be up bright and early for a morning game!  We woke up Saturday morning and had breakfast and then headed to Norman. 

 I took a lot of pictures!  It was just so fun being on campus for gameday and being at a football game.  David hadn't been to an OU game since he graduated!  

So fun seeing the logos up on the big screen 

 Excited to be at the game!

 Still smiling after half time :)  Love going anywhere with this guy

 Top and Bottom comparisons... the top pictures are from the beginning of the game... bottom ones were taken at the beginning of the 4th quarter.  David said he'd never seen the OU stadium that empty during the 4th quarter.  
We were surrounded by a sea of red.  So I kept my cheering to myself (and David) but I did my sic 'em for every kick off while the Sooners held up their 1 fingers

And it was really fun seeing the Baylor fans who were there.  You can't really tell, but if you look closely at the top right that's the part of the Baylor band that traveled to the game!  It was fun having them one section over from us

 And the Alma Mater after the game
Another fun thing for me was that we were right next to the tunnel where the Baylor players came in and out.  So after the game was over I told David I wanted to go down and cheer for them, so he obliged and took pictures.  It was my one chance to celebrate with other people since my weekend was spent with OU fans :)

Love Art Briles!
And I got to high 5 several of the players as they left the game

We had a great time getting away together for the weekend!  And we survived our first Live Rivalry game together-- as fun as it was I think it's more fun when we get to cheer for the same team--but we might still go again some day!  Either way, it was a great weekend for some football!

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