August 22, 2014

Year of Dates: Rangers Game

 For my Rangers-loving hubby, a year of sports dates couldn't be complete without some sort of Rangers game!  When I originally planned all the dates back in February I had written that for August I would watch a whole game with him on TV (usually I would just go to bed instead!) but since he had tickets to a game this month we made that our date instead.

We actually started the date off with a baseball movie.  Home Run is a Christian-based (cheesy) film about a pro-baseball player and his path to redemption.  We really actually enjoyed it :)  While we were watching the movie on Saturday afternoon it started storming, so we wondered what the evening would hold, but luckily the rain cleared out before the game--it was just muggy most of the evenings

 For Christmas, David's parents gave him a 6-game pack of tickets and he has great seats for all the games!  He's taken other friends to all of the games so far, but I agreed to go to one with him.
 We snapped a picture early on so I could put my hair up after that!
 We decided to leave our great seats for a while to go and walk around.  We ended up spending a few innings sitting on the upper deck because there was a breeze up there so it felt better!  And the game wasn't crowded so there was lots of room
I felt a little bad that we were up there when they did the Founding Fathers Race (in place of the dot race, they have random founding father including Nolan Ryan race around the baseball diamond) and we were so far away!  But David snapped a few pictures anyway!

It was a great afternoon and evening with my guy amidst a crazy month of house-buying!

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