August 16, 2014

Family Fun

We found out in May of this year that my brother and sister-in-law are having their 2nd baby in January of next year and we could not have been more thrilled for another niece or nephew.  So for the last couple of months everyone's been taking guesses of whether the baby is a boy or a girl.  Even my nephew weighed in who was convinced he was having a sister, but that the baby is a boy.  

We love my nephew and he has 3 boy cousins, so I think most people felt there was a high likelihood that the baby is a boy and everyone would just have a houseful of boys!

Last Friday night they had our families over for the big gender reveal.  We had pizza and hung out with everyone.  Chase handed each adult this envelope...
... which we all opened at the same time to reveal...
 As happy as everyone was to consider a houseful of boys, the news was thrilling that there will be a little girl in the mix (even though my sister-in-law was tricky and wrote it on a blue piece of paper, so some people were a bit confused for a minute or so)

David & I cannot wait to meet our new niece in January!

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