July 1, 2014

Wedding Weekend

On Saturday night, David and I attended a wedding for his best friend from High School.  

The ceremony was at an old theater downtown and then they had a backyard reception at a family home nearby.  There were lots of fun personal touches throughout the evening and a fun live band!

We enjoyed getting to celebrate with the bride and groom and catching up with some of David's friends that he hadn't seen in a while!

 I am so very thankful for my wedding date!  I've been to many weddings by myself over the past years and I will not take for granted getting to go to weddings with this man by my side.  We went to our first wedding together just a week before we got married... but we've now been to 7 together as husband and wife (since our own!).  It's been a fun year celebrating with lots of friends and there's no one else I'd rather have with me!

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