June 30, 2014

Happy Birthday, David!

My sweet Husband had a birthday last week.  We kept things pretty low-key with a night at home on his birthday.

I made a special dinner for us.  Lucky for me, David is not very picky about food so I got to experiment with something new.  I made The Marlboro Man Sandwich from the Pioneer Woman and it was really good!  And we had some onion strings on the side

 Then David got to open his gifts (with some help from Lily!)

A couple of movies and a book (not pictured)

 For dessert I made us homemade pizookies.  I love to bake, but David does not really like cake, so I have to get creative when making desserts for him!

Over the weekend we got to go to Cleburne and celebrate with David's family.  We had  a yummy dinner at a new restaurant outside of town and then enjoyed banana pudding at the house.

Last night we got together with my family for dinner to celebrate.  Our sweet 3 year old nephew kept saying "I want to celebrate Uncle David's birthday" because he didn't quite understand how a birthday can be celebrated without a party at the park or the pool or a trampoline park!  He told us then "David's birthday is different from Chase's" (because they are gearing up for his big 3 year old party next month!) He realized we were just eating dinner for the birthday celebration so then he settled on the fact that hopefully there would be cake--he settled for the ice cream and cookies we had in lieu of cake.  We just thought it was cute that he kept wondering when we would actually start celebrating David's birthday!

So grateful for this man that God has brought me to and all the celebrations we've already enjoyed in the past year... and looking forward to many in the future!

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