June 20, 2014

Year of Dates: Top Golf

This month's date was golf-related.  David is a big fan of Top Golf and we've been there on a few date nights in the last couple of years.  So I figured I'd plan it for the beginning of the summer time before it gets too hot.  We decided to make this month's date a double date and invited our friends Lucas and Yali to join us!
Lucas wanted to take us to try one of his favorite restaurants near downtown Dallas.  Velvet Taco is close to his work and he has introduced several friends to it.  David and I each tried 2 different tacos--I had a rotisserie chicken taco and a fried calamari taco and David had the Hangover Burger Taco (eggs and beef) and a Crispy Chicken taco.  They were all delicious!

After dinner we headed over to Top Golf.  We had a little wait for our bay, so we enjoyed some of the lawn games while we waited
The 3 engineers played giant Jenga... and I watched :)

I'd only ever been to the Top Golf in Allen, but we tried the one in Dallas this time.  It has fewer bays, but I really loved the atmosphere there--the lawn games, fire pits, and lots of places to hang out while you wait
It was a really nice night to be out there!

Yali and I decided to team up and play together, so we each only played half as much as the guys.  But on the 2nd game, I somehow got 22 points on one shot (we really have no clue how that worked) so the girls won by a lot!

I had a great time with my date! :)  It was a perfect summer night

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