July 18, 2014

Pinterest Find: Ribbon Organization

So David and I are officially house hunting!  It's a very excited and crazy thing to be doing.  Us house hunting means I spend quite a bit of time on Zillow and Home Snap and Realtor.Com looking at available houses; but I spend even more time on Pinterest looking at Home Decor and Organization ideas!

I love a lot of the organization ideas and finally decided maybe I shouldn't wait to move before I organize things...I can get organized here!  So I decided to tackle my craft stuff first, because honestly it's a huge mess of baskets and boxes with ribbon, fabric, paper, etc all thrown in! 
Here is a before of our den closet... the pink tub on the floor was full of craft stuff, the bag to the left has all my knitting stuff and the shelves were full of bins of things thrown together
I decided to start with a way to organize all my ribbon and thread that have up until now just gotten out of control.  I did a variation of this tutorial... basically I just got a few long pieces of wood and had my husband drill holes in them (because he was available to do so!) and I put in dowel rods to stack the ribbons on

You can see some of the finished product on the shelf to the right in this picture below (Sorry, I didn't take a picture of just the ribbon holders).  But it worked out very well!

I had also seen on this site the idea of filing scrapbook paper.  So I organized all of my scrapbook paper and put it in various file folders in a tote box.  Then filled the rest of the tote box with baskets of paints and glues 
And there's the floor of our den closet again!  

I love finding simple ideas (the kind I can't believe I had to actually find a tutorial for) for organization!

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