July 21, 2014

Hill Country Road Trip

This past weekend we headed out on a Road Trip to the Hill Country with a few of our friends from UTD.  We had spent the last month or so planning the trip.  Our friend Barton found a list of scenic drives in the US, so we modified one of them a little to try to fit as much into a weekend as we could!

 We stopped Friday night in Waco to eat dinner.  I had given the group a few options of places to eat in Waco and they chose Vitek's BBQ.  I was excited, because in all my time at Baylor (and going back since then) I actually had never eaten there!  So we had some good dinner and then drove to Austin to the stay the night.
 We were up pretty early Saturday morning to try to fit in some hiking before it was too hot. Luckily, the weather was great most of the weekend.  For breakfast Saturday we introduced them all to Breakfast Tacos which are one of my true loves.  We all tried a variety of tacos and they were a big hit with the group!
 Then we headed to the Hamilton Pool Preserve.  Our friend Yali had found it on a list of the most beautiful places in the USA, so we knew we had to check it out.  They opened at 9 and we got there between 9:15 and 9:30 and the line was already pretty long.  We got one of the last parking spaces and hiked down to the pool.  It was a really beautiful place (see below) where you could walk through the rock and look out onto the pool and the trees.  

 After Hamilton Pool, we headed to Pedernales Falls State Park for another round of hiking!  We had picked out a few trails we wanted to try, but first we went to try to find the falls
 We ended up exploring on the various levels of rocks that they had, hoping to find the falls somewhere near the top.  It seems that most of it was dried up, so we explored some of the rocks and the small pools created by the falls.  Then we set out to find the trail.  Unfortunately, the trail was not well marked, nor did it look like it had been well-traveled so we ended up bushwhacking through the forest for a while.  Luckily, we had Lucas leading us and with his GPS and his trusty watch he was able to get us back to where we started!  But we ended up out there a lot longer than we expected (which I feel is the story of my life when it comes to hiking...)
 After a morning and mid-day full of hiking we decided that some wine tasting was in order!  So we headed to Becker Vineyards off 290 on our way out to Fredericksburg
 It was definitely a nice way to relax after hiking!

After we checked into our hotel in Fredericksburg, we all got cleaned up and headed out to dinner at the Alamo Springs Cafe.  Our friend Jon had recommended it due to the good food and fun atmosphere and it really was a perfect way to enjoy dinner Saturday night.
 Luckily the weather was still beautiful Saturday evening, so we were able to enjoy sitting out on their patio while we enjoyed our burgers and drinks!

 Sunday morning we woke up (early again!) and headed to New Braunfels for some tubing!  We spent about 3 hours on the Comal River and enjoyed relaxing and being in the cool water--although toward the end we were all ready to be done and heading home

 One last stop to introduce them to Buc-ee's and grab lunch and then we were on our way home!
We had a really fun time hanging out with our friends for the weekend.  It was David's first "vacation getaway" (other than visiting family or going to weddings) since our Honeymoon!  We also got to celebrate our 1 year anniversary this weekend and we both really enjoyed this trip together.  Hard to believe it's already been a year!

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