July 5, 2014

Summer Nights

Summers in Texas are hot.  Last summer was fairly mild, so I was thinking this year would be really hot to make up for it... but so far our summer has been mild again (although it's just now July and I know the heat is coming!).  But one of the beautiful things about this time of summer are the beautiful summer nights.  Since it hasn't been too hot, our evenings have been perfect.  There has usually been a light breeze and it's been clear and nice.  So we've taken full advantage and enjoyed some wonderful Summer Nights so far.
 Top Golf with friends
 It may just look like some patio furniture, but if you look in the middle right you'll see a dog relaxing on the patio :)  The week we housesat, Lily really enjoyed having a yard and this evening after I let all the dogs out she decided she wanted to stay outside by herself and relax on the patio.  
 We had dinner with some friends a few Saturdays ago at Stackhouse Burgers a place our new friend Todd recommended.  The food was okay, but the reason we went was for the rooftop seating where we were able to enjoy a view of downtown
 Last Friday night we decided to check out one of Rockwall's Family Fun Fridays.  We took Lily along for a movie in the park.  She did pretty well and we enjoyed a fun, free activity
 This past week our groups took a break from Bible Study so we met up with both groups combined for dinner at Rudy's in Allen.  Our friends didn't want the fun to stop there, so we headed over to the Top Golf in Allen afterward.  The guys all played a round of golf and the rest of us enjoyed the beautiful night catching up on the couches.
And of course one of the best summer nights is July 4th!  Last night we met up with our friends and headed to Breckinridge Park for Richardson's fireworks.  For the last several years we have walked over there and sat right near where they set off the fireworks (you can see the fence in this picture where they've sectioned off the area for shooting off the fireworks).  It is way less crowded than the main hill where the festivities are supposed to occur... and the view is spectacular
 Happy Independence Day!

Here's to hoping for many more beautiful summer nights!

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