March 3, 2014

Chili Cook Off

This past weekend our Young Adults Group hosted a Chili Cook-Off.  It was originally scheduled for November, but that weekend it rained and sleeted so it was rescheduled for March.

We decided to get a few of our International Students in on making Chili with us.  They came over Friday night to cook

We had choppers 

 And measures and mixers

And cookers!

 I was very impressed with our friend Jackson's chopping skills!  We also put my new manual food processor to use to chop the onions.

 We let the chili simmer for an hour while we played games

And then we had the taste tests.  The students all agreed that it needed more spice, so we added some the next day when we warmed it back up.

Saturday was a beautiful day.  It felt like spring and we could not have asked for more perfect weather to be at the park with friends.  There were lots of chili dishes to try and lots of people to see.  It was a great start to our month!

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