February 28, 2014

End of February Photos

So I didn't do so well with the pic a day thing this last week of February.  I worked late several nights and didn't have much going on.  But I still got some pictures of a few great things this past week!

I was going through pictures on my computer and I realized that I don't have many pictures of our Friday night Bible Study, so I snapped a few last week

 Sunday we had beautiful weather, so we took Lily for a walk at the park.  We took her down by the creek and let her off her leash and she had a great time exploring.
 Lily in Action :)

 Monday we had a 5 favorite things party at work.  Each person brought 5 of their favorite item (under $5 each) and then we drew names to see who got which gifts.  I took sets of the elastic hair ties I made last week to give out.  And I got Dr Pepper, Hot Tamales, M&Ms and Pens, A Chick Fil A gift card, and gardening tools.  We had a lot of fun!

And now February is coming to an end.  I'm excited for March--warmer weather (for the most part!), family birthdays, a trip to Austin, and lots of regular good time with friends!

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