February 15, 2014

Pic a Day: February 8-14

Saturday we met up with some friends from the Young Adults group to hand out flyers for a new ESL program getting started.  Our church has an ESL program and is partnering with another church to get a new one started in East Plano.  We took to the shopping centers to hand out flyers and let people know about the free program.  My caption of the day was that I so admire people who come to a new place and have the start all over.  Which is completely true, I can't even imagine that.

Sunday I woke up to an email about On the Border's weekend brunch.  So after church we gathered some friends and headed for Mimosas and Breakfast fajitas.  I love going to brunch!

Monday we had our quarterly All Staff meeting at work where all of our ECI offices meet in Plano for training and announcements.  They had dessert for us and I did my best and resisted the temptation of the chocolate cake balls my friend brought to our table!

Tuesday brought a surprise Valentine's treat from David's parents!  (I have not done as well resisting the temptation of these yummy cookies!)

We had acquired free passes to Studio Movie Grill from a friend, but they expired on Thursday night, so Wednesday we took a chance to relax and enjoy a movie and dinner.  We saw the Lego movie and it was really cute--we enjoyed it a lot!

Thursday I had a late evaluation, so I was gone for work for over 12 hours.  After I went and worked out I came home and we sat on the couch and caught some of the Olympics.  I am so glad we are back in our schedule and doing all of our weekly activities, but all the things we have going on throughout the week really make me cherish our nights at home!

I gave David 14 days of cheesy, corny Valentines and this was the last one I left in his car yesterday :)

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