March 21, 2014

Year of Dates: March Madness

So for Valentine's Day I gave David a year of sports themed dates and we had our first one this past Sunday
Planning our March date was a no-brainer since the middle of March kicks off one of the crazy sports frenzies of the year.  Neither David or I are really into Basketball, but March Madness brackets are still a lot of fun.  I haven't made one in a while, but it is a fun way to keep up with all the craziness together.  (excuse the state of the above invitation, Lily got a hold of it after David opened it)
 On my way home from Austin, I stopped at our neighborhood video store to find some basketball movies to kick off our afternoon.  The only one they had was Coach Carter which we had never seen.  So we settled in for lunch from Wing Stop and a movie.  Unfortunately the disk was messed up and skipped quite a bit, so we ended up watching a different movie.  
I had seen an idea to have a "dunking content" with cookies and milk--even though it's silly, it was a fun way to enjoy an afternoon snack
 We tuned in for the selection show on CBS Sunday evening (Lily joined in the fun too!)
 And then we set to work making our brackets!  We have our own little group set up on the March Madness App and it is tracking all of our points throughout the games.  It'll be fun keeping up with the brackets and the tournament together.  And it made for a relatively inexpensive, easy and fun date night! :)

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