March 29, 2014

First Days of Spring

We have been loving the first few Spring days in the past week or so.  

Last weekend we headed to In Sync Wildlife Refuge in Wylie with some friends.  It is a rescue and sanctuary for big cats, so we got to see lots of tigers, some lions, and some other cat friends.  It was a really great way to spend the morning.

Today we enjoyed a fairly free Saturday (which seem to be few and far between!) by taking Lily to the park.  We checked out some of the trails by the creek and found some new places to walk.

 We really love getting to take her on these trails.  Since it is so secluded there is rarely anyone else out there, so we let her off her leash and she will run and explore, but then quickly catch back up with us and stay right by our side for most of the walk

 After we came home this afternoon I decided to go through my closet, get out my warmer-weather clothes and put away my sweaters and scarves.  It always feels good to clean things out and get ready for the changing seasons--here's hoping the weather stays nice!

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