June 2, 2013

Day 49

Today started off with manicures and pedicures with my mama

Then a somewhat laid-back Saturday got crazy and we ran lots of errands before I had to take David to pick up his car. 

Late afternoon my friend nicki met up with me. It was fun to get to spend some time catching up with her before getting together with everyone. 

And she brought me a fun surprise:

A Sprinkles cupcake with our countdown on it!!  

She and I got all ready and headed to Erin's house for my lingerie shower. 

 It was such a fun night with great friends. I am so blessed by the people I get to live life with and grateful for a night celebrating with them!  And so grateful for my awesome bridesmaids and the planning they did for the night. Everything was wonderful!!

7 weeks to go!

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