June 22, 2013

Day 28

It was a wonderful Saturday!  My day started with lunch with my best friend. We got to catch up, chat marriage and wedding prep stuff and my super crafty friend helped me get started on my scrapbook!

Then I headed to David's and we watched a movie- I tried unsuccessfully to take a nap during the movie, but it was still a restful afternoon. 

This evening we headed to Rockwall to hang out with our friends Ray and Sarah. We've been wanting to get together with them for a while, but schedules are just ridiculously crazy. So when Sarah texted this morning to see if we could hang out, I was so excited our evening was open :)

We bought groupons for the batting cages and enjoyed the evening out there. Sarah I both searched groupon this morning and came across that one and it seemed too good to pass up. In case you didn't know, David likes baseball ;) and ray and Sarah do as well so it was a fun time.

Then we headed to The Harbor for dinner on the patio of Gloria's. We had some great conversations and enjoyed just spending time together. And right as we were leaving, they were setting off fireworks over the lake- a great ending to the day!

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