June 7, 2013

Day 43

Today has been a good and busy Friday. I ended up having the day off work, so I slept in a little (til like 7:30 haha) then I took lily for a long walk.

After that I met up with my friend Stephanie and her kids for lunch

This is M, Stephanie's oldest. Her favorite Disney princess is Ariel because she likes her. It was great catching up with Stephanie. We worked together until 2 years ago when she had her little boy and I'm so grateful we've kept in touch since then. Meeting up with her is always good for my heart :)

After lunch I headed to meet up with David. We went to use a groupon we had for rock climbing that I bought him for Christmas because it was about to expire. 

After about an hour of rock climbing I randomly threw out that I wanted to go to 6 flags sometime this summer. Which turned into- why don't we go today?  

So we went and got discount tickets from UTD and bought sunscreen and headed to Arlington! 

It was a great day to go. Not too hot and the lines were very reasonable. We rode everything we wanted to ride and still left before dark! 

I know the next 6 weeks (that doesn't seem like much time!) will be crazy so
I'm grateful we had a fun and spontaneous date afternoon/evening today!  

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