June 30, 2013

Day 20

It's been a great Sunday. After church, David and I used some groupons to go to the movies and see monsters university. We both thought it was really good!

Then we headed to my brother's house to hang out and have dinner. Loved getting to play with my nephew

Stickers and Cars

He can't quite say names yet other than mama and dada (the important ones) so to get my attention he just talks louder and louder and looks at me. Then he'll point to where he wants me to go. So he enjoyed having me come sit on the floor with him. 

After dinner I met up with my friends Katie and Sami to catch up and share what's going on for all of us. I am so blessed by their friendships and I love getting to spend time with them both!

Now for a short week at work before the holiday weekend- which I'm sure will be full of wedding-related tasks!

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