June 12, 2013

Creative Friends

I had my last shower this past weekend.  The whole shower experience has been a little surreal--it's been hard to believe the showers are actually for me.  But they've been a lot of fun.  

In looking through all the pictures from the showers, I just had to blog about the fun things my super creative hostesses have put together!

First was all of Erin's decor for the lingerie shower:

And this past weekend, my sister-in-law decorated for my family "kitchen" shower:

She used gifts off my registry for decorations!  You can't see it terribly well--but the flower centerpiece is in one of my pitchers and on either side are some of my Pop Canisters with kitchen utensils in them!

 She didn't make the desserts, but how incredibly cute are the petit fours and cake pops?

And fun favors with a "recipe" for a happy marriage attached to a cookie cutter

Having such cute stuff at my showers made them that much more fun!

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