October 30, 2009

Patience my friends...

So I posted about it earlier this week on twitter... but can I just say....

Can we please at least wait until November to put out Christmas stuff?

I went to Target on Tuesday morning (the 27th) and they were taking down all of the Halloween stuff and putting up Christmas stuff. I thought... surely not. They are just trying to get things organized to put it up once Halloween is over. But no, today we went back and there was all of the Christmas stuff... the trees were up and the decorations were everywhere.

Now let me tell you... I LOVE Christmas. I love Christmas time and all of the fun that surrounds it. I love decorating my apartment and listening to Christmas music.

But why, Target, can you not wait until after Halloween to put out the Christmas stuff? Really, we are in such a rush to blow past everything!

And it probably would not bother me as much if it weren't for the fact that Hobby Lobby had Christmas decorations out before the 4th of July! All of this early Christmas is making me rebel inside to where I don't want to buy anything related to Christmas at all right now.

It's just a little sad to me that it gets earlier and earlier every year and we can't even fully enjoy one holiday before rushing into another...

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