October 20, 2009

Community Hunger Day

This coming Thursday, October 22 is Community Hunger Day in Dallas. It is sponsored by Central Dallas Ministries and TI. They provide food, medical care, legal assistance, housing and educational opportunities and this week they are holding a fund raising opportunity.

The youth that I work with at my church have decided to participate in this outreach and have done a GREAT job of getting the word out through videos they have posted to Facebook (which I will be sharing later this week!). The idea of this day is that they are asking people who are willing to "go hungry" on Thursday and donate the money they would save on food to this organization.

Through this organization, they can feed a family for $28 a week (which is what a lot of families spend in a day). I just wanted to pass along this information because the amazing youth at my church have inspired me to take part!

Here is the link if you want more information: http://www.communityhungerday.org/index.php

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