December 5, 2016

Christmas Card Gender Reveal

So when I realized that we would (hopefully) be finding out the gender of Baby Daniels in November, I had the idea of announcing gender through our Christmas cards.  My friend Amy has experience with some photography and some card design and just recently started her own company Morning Theory Creative, so I had asked her if she might be up for helping out with this project.

We set up a time to meet to take pictures the weekend after our Anatomy Scan and then I started scouring Pinterest for ideas for gender reveal pictures.  I finally settled on using colored balloons so we would have some couple pictures and I also gathered a few other props to use as they worked.  Unfortunately, the first weekend we had scheduled to take pictures it was pouring rain, so we had to push it back a week.  But it ended up being beautiful weather that Sunday and it worked out perfectly.

Amy got some great shots of us as the park in our neighborhood!

 Side Note: Amy had scouted out the park ahead of time and found this bridge across the street that had great light.  And it just happens to be right next to my dream house that I always admire when I'm walking to the park!

After the photo shoot, Amy edited the pictures and then created our cards for us. 

I am so in love with them and could not have imagined them turning out any better!  I was able to snag a Groupon for Christmas Card printing at Staples, so I got her design printed and picked them up the same day.  We sent them out last week and it was fun getting messages from friends throughout the week as they received them!  We had seen most of our family since we found out, so they already knew his gender and his name, but we managed to keep it a surprise from most of our friends which was kind of fun.  But we are definitely glad that the secret's out!  We are already so in love with Cooper and can't wait to meet him next year!