December 2, 2016

12 Dates of Christmas: Dinner and a Concert

Once we decided to do the 12 Dates of Christmas, I started keeping an eye/ear out for new ideas of things to try.  I heard a commercial for a Vocal Majority concert at the Eisemann Center (about 5 miles from our house), so I checked into it.  Then our radio station had a code to get half price tickets for December 1, so without knowing much about it we decided to buy the tickets and try it out!

We started the night with dinner out.  There are a ton of new restaurants in the Cityline area not too far from us, so we decided to try out this Mexican Food Restaurant for the first time.  We had a guacamole appetizer and David tried their Brisket Tacos while I had Sour Cream Enchiladas.  Everything was delicious and the service was great!  We will definitely try it again sometime-- we're really excited to try out their weekend brunch soon!

Love this guy!  We also reminisced about our engagement 4 years ago on my birthday.  We talked about how much has changed since then and how much we've learned about each other.  We also remembered how within a minute or so of accepting his proposal I made sure he knew Lily was part of the deal and asked if she was allowed to come live with us too.  It's fun to see how much he's grown to love her in our time together.  4 years since we got engaged and we've seen the good and bad in each other--but more time with Lily has only brought out more of her good side :)

After dinner we headed to the concert.  We were in the front row.  And I really wanted to take a few pictures, but they say no photography so I didn't want to risk getting in trouble.  The show was a lot of fun and definitely something we'd never been to before.  It's a group of more than 100 male singers harmonizing together through several familiar tunes.  During the first Act they have scenes throughout where they are stranded at the Chicago airport on Christmas Eve and they sing throughout their time there.  The second Act is full of Christmas Hymns.  It was really amazing hearing all of the harmonies and arrangements and you could tell all of the men really enjoyed what they were doing which made it even more fun to watch!

It was a fun Christmas date to kick off the month of December and we enjoyed trying something new together!

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