December 18, 2016

12 Dates of Christmas: Emporium Pies

 One of the things I thought would be fun this Christmas season was to try out a bakery we'd never been to before.  I'd heard lots of good things about Emporium Pies, so we decided to plan a trip there.  They have a couple in Dallas and 1 in McKinney, so we decided to try out the McKinney one yesterday.

We headed to McKinney for an early lunch and decided to go to our beloved Raising Cane's.  We usually split a 6 piece chicken finger meal and it is plenty of food for both of us!

After we ate, we headed to downtown McKinney.  We parked a little ways from the square and decided to walk for a while before getting dessert.  It was such nice weather yesterday morning (before the temperature dropped 40+ degrees in the afternoon!)

David got the Lord of the Pies (a deep dish apple pie) with a side of ice cream and I got the Smooth Operator (French silk chocolate with a pretzel crust) 

Both pies were very yummy! 

We enjoyed trying out somewhere new together.  Since David doesn't like most cakes, a lot of bakeries aren't the best for us, but this pie shop was perfect!

We ended the afternoon with a trip to the movies to see Rogue One and then curled up at home in the evening to avoid the cold weather!

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erin m said...

Love the smooth operator and emporium pies!