December 4, 2016

12 Dates of Christmas: Shopping for others

When I was looking for ideas for 12 Dates of Christmas, one that came up on a few lists was shopping for the Angel Tree together.  So we talked about getting an angel off the mall's angel tree, but decided instead to pick a few items off of our church's Giving Trees.  Each year our church has trees full of gifts and service projects for the ministries that we serve.  So we chose gifts for 4 students in our church's ESL program.

The gifts are due the first weekend in December, so we had to do this date pretty early on.  We had an afternoon wedding to go to yesterday, so we decided to try to get this done in the morning.  We got up and decided to get breakfast together before we headed to shop.  We talked about several ideas and David chose Corner Bakery since he had not ever been there for breakfast.  I love their Christmas wreath on the door!

Then we headed over to Target to pick out gifts for the Giving Trees.  We got some pajamas for one student and a soccer ball for the son of another student.  We also picked up a few gift cards that people had requested. 
We grabbed a picture with this Feliz Navidad sign because we thought it was funny and this song has some fun meaning for us.  A few years ago during Christmas time David was being grumpy about something--which just by the way hardly ever happens, he's so easygoing and definitely has way less grumpy times than me or anyone else I know-- while we were driving somewhere, so I found the Veggie Tales version of Feliz Navidad on my ipod and played it and he wanted to repeat it when it was done since it made him happy.  So we had actually just listened to that on our way over to Target after a bad experience at breakfast (see more about that at the end) and we were laughing again quickly.  So it seemed fitting to find this sign in our Target!

We ran a few more errands and then went home to get ready for Katie's wedding.  Here are our gifts "wrapped" (they have to be unwrapped so they are each in their own Target bag) under our tree ready to take to church today!

Honestly, things didn't go so well for this date or this morning.  When we got to Corner Bakery, there were a lot of people in the restaurant.  We were the only ones in line so we didn't think too much of it and placed our orders and sat down.  After about 20 minutes of waiting for food, I realized that a large group that was already seated when we came in still didn't have all of their food.  We waited awhile longer before David asked about our order and they didn't have our order in the system at all.  So in all, we waited over 45 minutes for our breakfast.  Most days, that would be no big deal, but we just weren't prepared for that long of a wait at this type of restaurant.  And it was after 10 and I had been up since before 5 (because of my awesome sleep schedule) and I hadn't eaten anything yet (which is my mistake) so I was not feeling well.  We played a few rounds of trivia on our Quiz Up App and we did finally get our breakfast and were on our way.  I don't mean to get in to a lot of complaining, but my attitude and grumpiness at breakfast set the tone for the morning and made it not the most fun date of our years together, so just trying to keep things real. ;-)  I actually had lunch with a friend on Friday who has kids that are in the high school and college ages and she made a comment that she's always so jealous of all of the dates I post about on Instagram, but we joked that soon David and I would be in the phase of having kids and not getting out as much and she and her husband would be back to lots of dating time when their youngest goes off to college in a few short years.  All that to say that our dates can be a lot of fun, but they aren't always.  In fact one of us may have said the words "this morning wasn't fun" once we were back home.  So as grateful as I am for our dates and fun outings, I'm way more grateful for a guy who sticks by me when things aren't so fun and who I know is there for the long haul even without lots of random dates and outings and who will do a lot to try to make me happy.  

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