December 9, 2016

12 Dates of Christmas: A New Ornament

We had Thursday night free this week, so on Sunday we had looked through some of the date cards and picked a few to consider for that night.  Our options included watching a Christmas movie at home, driving around to look at Christmas lights and going shopping for a new ornament.  When David finished up working last night, we talked about the options and decided to go buy a new ornament and then come home and enjoy our cozy and warm house since it was such a cold night!

We try to get a new ornament every year, so we wanted to pick one out together for this year.  

We bundled up and headed to our closest Hallmark and perused the aisles.  There were lots of ornaments to choose from and several that we liked.

David ended up picking out this ornament with the Inside Out characters Joy and Sadness.  We both really liked this movie when we saw it last year and we have watched it several times since then.  When he saw the ornament, he was drawn to it and we thought it would be a fun one to have on the tree.

We got home and I hung it up on our tree.  Lily wanted to be in the photo opp too!

Hung on our tree.  In the original note, I'd said we'd pick out an ornament to represent 2016.  By the time we got to the store we were really just looking for something that we liked.  And we liked this one a lot.  But as we talked about it more, I also realized that it does kind of  represent our 2016 pretty well.  It's been a year of really high highs and really low lows--probably the most joy and the most sadness we've had so far in our years together.  I'm sure that will be a reminder to us as we hang it each year.  And it's just a fun one to look at!

After that, we heated up some apple cider and settled in to watch the winter finale of This is Us.  Since we were at the movies Tuesday night, we didn't get to watch it then, so it was nice to be warm and cozy and watch it together!

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