November 23, 2016

What's Up Wednesday: Thanksgiving Edition

Bonus questions this month: What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

What we're eating this week
Lots of Thanksgiving food!  My mom and her sisters are taking care of Thanksgiving dinner this year and I don't really know what all we're having since we don't usually spend Thanksgiving with them.  But I'm sure there will be Turkey, Stuffing, Potatoes, Desserts--all things I love.  I am in charge of making breakfast for everyone on Saturday morning, so yesterday I baked 2 of my Grandma's Coffee Cakes to take with us and I will make Biscuits and Gravy casserole on Saturday morning.

What I'm reminiscing about
This photo from 2012 Thanksgiving came up on my Timehop this week and made me smile and reminisce about times with my Grandfather.
We spent almost every Thanksgiving growing up at my Grandparents' house in Palestine.  A lot of times we would get there Wednesday night and wake up on Thanksgiving to eat Coffee Cake for breakfast and then spend the day with family.  My Grandfather sold his house after my Grandmother died and moved in with my Aunt just down the road in Palestine, so our last Thanksgivings with him were at her house.  This is one of the last times I sat at Thanksgiving with my Grandpa and I am grateful that even at the time I knew how special that was.  Love reminiscing about this old man and all of the years we had with him!

What I'm loving
I am loving that it is finally starting to cool off!  After temps close to the 90s last week, I am grateful for cooler weather!

What we've been up to
Lots of traveling and family time this month.  We started November with birthday celebrations for David's sister and my brother.  We spent a weekend in Oklahoma with family and we're about to leave for a long weekend in Missouri with my extended family.

What I'm dreading
Christmas Allergies.  Every year I get sick at Christmastime.  I'm allergic to Christmas trees and even though we have an artificial tree, the pine is still in the air.  So it's been a long time since I've made it through December without getting sick.  

What I'm working on

Lots of projects for baby!  We had decided a while ago to use navy as our main color and then use an accent color depending on gender.  So I've gotten started with all of my navy projects.  I made this "boppy" pillow and a cover for it recently along with a lot of other sewing projects.

What I'm excited about
We took pictures with our friend Amy last weekend for our Christmas card and she is working on designing the card for us.  I'm really excited about sending out cards this year!

What I'm watching/reading
This is Us is the one show we are consistently watching this season.  Both David and I really like it and we sit down and watch it together every week.
This week I've also been watching some Gilmore Girls.  In preparation for the new series on Netflix this Friday, one of the channels has been doing a 24 hour a day marathon of the show.  So anytime I'm home and have nothing to watch, I flip to that!
And I've been into Cakewars Christmas and The Holiday Baking Challenge on Food Network.  It's always amazing how talented everyone is and I love seeing what the come up with!

What I'm listening to
Still listening to The Popcast Podcast.  David really likes it to, so we listen to several episodes on our road trips.  We've got a few downloaded and ready to listen to for today's drive to Missouri!

I've also been getting excited about Christmas music.  I haven't listened to much of it yet, but I did buy this new album so I have listened to it already.  We're planning on listening to lots of Christmas music when we drive home from Missouri after Thanksgiving!

What I'm wearing
I honestly wear a lot of sweat pants and t-shirts around the house.  But I have found a few other fun things.
I found this tunic on Groupon not long after I found out I was pregnant.  and I am always looking for good tunics to wear with leggings, so I bought the red one.  And then I loved it so much that I bought one in navy and black.  So I wear these a lot with either jeans of leggings.  Now that it's getting cooler I may not be able to wear them as much, but Texas winters still lend themselves to some short sleeves thankfully!

What I'm doing this weekend
We'll be exploring Branson after Thanksgiving and then we'll come home and get started on our Christmas decorations!

What I'm looking forward to next month
All things Christmas.  It's our last Christmas just the 2 of us and we've got some fun things planned to enjoy that!

What else is new
Not too much

What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
I don't feel like David and I have any Thanksgiving traditions so far.  Every year that we've been married we've been somewhere different for Thanksgiving (my Aunt's house, his parents' house, my mom's house).  And this year we will be with my mom's family for a family reunion and I don't ever recall spending Thanksgiving with them, so it'll be all different this year too.  We will be excited to develop some traditions with our family in the coming years!  But right now the only tradition is being with family and that's a pretty good one!

And now I'm off to finish packing up and head up to spend a few days here:

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