November 29, 2016

12 Dates of Christmas: Decorating the Tree

Since we first got married, David and I have decided not to give each other many Christmas gifts.  We've always planned to spend the money on doing something together or on getting something together and then we usually do a few small gifts in our stockings.  Since this is our last Christmas as a family of 2, I thought it would be fun to be intentional with our time together.  So when Pinterest started recommending ideas for Christmas dates, I decided it'd be fun for us to do 12 dates of Christmas.  I had originally planned to figure them all out and give David the cards right after Thanksgiving and surprise him with it, but then I decided that he might enjoy it more if he got to help choose.  So I made a list of lots of ideas and we picked 12 that we wanted to try to do this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

One of the ones we had on the list was putting up our Christmas decorations.  This is of course something we do every year, but it fun to "make a date of it" by putting on some Christmas music on our TV and getting our tree decorated. 

We had gotten most of our Christmas decorations out of storage before we left when we were getting our suitcases, so all we had to do was bring in the the tree.  I put on the bow and ribbon and then we hung up all of our ornaments.  It was fun to look back at the ornaments we've gotten over the last 4 Christmases and remember our first married Christmas and our first Christmas in our house.
 Grateful for my hubby indulging me in decorating the tree, even after we'd spent 8 hours in the car driving home!  We had a good time getting it all set up and it is so fun to have the lights glowing now!

I'm excited for the rest of our dates.  We've got a mix of things that we do every year and things that are new to us this year!  Looking forward to a fun month with my guy.

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