November 15, 2016

Oklahoma Weekend

This past weekend was our rivalry college football game.  This is our 5th year watching it together and our 3rd year going in person.  David took off Friday so we could head to Oklahoma for the weekend.
We stopped at the Chiloso in Denton for lunch on our way out of town.  We love Chiloso so much and it was fun getting to go to a new one!

We got to his Nanny's house Friday afternoon and enjoyed dinner with her and time with family that evening.  We went to bed pretty early since the game was the next morning in Norman

 We got up Saturday and headed to the game.  We had great tickets that David's uncle had given us and were excited to be at the game together!

This was the first year that we watched together where I didn't go into the game with high expectations for Baylor.  They have not been playing so well the last few weeks, so I wasn't expecting them to win.  And they didn't.  We were sad to see Seth Russell (Baylor's quarterback) get hurt with a season-ending injury, but all of the OU fans and players were very supportive of him when he was hurt.

Love my football watching buddy!

After the game we met up with David's cousin for a little while to catch up with him.  Then we spent the rest of the day relaxing with family and watching other college football games back at Nanny's house.  We had a great weekend and really enjoyed our time with family!

 And just for fun, here's a look back at all of the Baylor OU game days since we've been married.  The first year, we had a rehearsal dinner the night of the game, so we watched it afterward.  Then we've gone to it every year since then!  It's been a fun tradition to go every year and visit our old schools together.  We'll see how long we're able to keep it up!

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