October 31, 2016

WC Save the Date: October

It's hard to believe it's the end of another month!  We were able to enjoy a lot of time together this month and had fun on our October dates.

The first Sunday in October, I ended up being pretty sick and run down.  I was so worn out that I ended up napping most of Sunday afternoon after church while David did our laundry and other things.  When I woke up, we went out to dinner at Chiloso--which is probably one of our top date places because we both love it so much!  It was a nice low-key evening with him.

I meant to take a picture of our morning painting the nursery together, but I completely forgot.  So I grabbed a picture of our lunch break out.  We had to go to Home Depot to get a few supplies, so we stopped for Raising Cane's on our way home.  So delicious!

We've tried to get in a few more evening walks this month.  With the sunset getting earlier each week, most of our walks are when it's already dark, but it's still fun to get out together and do something other than eat and watch TV!  Hopefully we can continue some evening walks even after the time change this weekend.

I love days when David gets to work from home and we get to sneak a lunch date in together.  We had a coupon for BOGO free Chipotle, so we headed there for a lunch together last week.  It was a nice mid-week date.

Now on to November!  We have a lot going on next month and are looking forward to even more celebrations together.

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