October 4, 2016

Announcing Baby

I thought I'd share the ways we shared the news with family.

I mentioned that I found out I was pregnant on our anniversary.  So then I had to start thinking up ways to tell David.  He was working from home that day, so I had to sneak around a little bit.  I made a trip to Walmart to try to find something to give him.  I was originally looking for a neutral onesie that I could add vinyl or something to make it say whatever I wanted, but they didn't have a whole lot of selection and I didn't have a whole lot of time.  So when I saw that they had Rangers onesies, I thought those would work well for my baseball-loving hubby.  We had lunch together at home that day and I gave David his gift.  We had planned not to get anniversary gifts for each other, so I told him I knew we'd planned that, but I found something perfect and couldn't pass it up.

It started with this card

And then a gift. 
 He was very surprised and excited.  It was so fun finding out on our anniversary and celebrating together that day.  

After we found out we had the discussion of whether or not we wanted to share the news with anyone or wait.  David wanted to wait and that was fine with me, but I knew it would be hard.  A few days after we found out, my Aunt came to town for 2 weeks and we spent a lot of time with my family.  So after several outings with them where we didn't say anything, we finally decided it was too weird and so we started coming up with ways to tell our family.  

My other Aunt came in for the weekend and we were going out to dinner with a lot of my family, so we decided that was a good time to tell everyone.  I had seen this idea on Pinterest to use heart shaped candy and we thought it would be perfect because we could give the one with the note to my mom and then everyone could have candy.

Except I didn't realize that heart shaped candy doesn't really exist in July.  For some reason I thought some chocolates were always heart-shaped, but I went to several stores including party ones and found nothing.  So I improvised and made some heart shaped Oreo truffles (I used this recipe, but replaced the white chocolate with normal {better} chocolate).  We gave the one in the box to my mom to unwrap with the note and then shared truffles with everyone!

We had David's parents and sister over for dinner the next weekend and had these notes ready for them when we sat down to eat... 

I also used our fence posts to make these countdown blocks for his parents since this will be their first grandbaby.  
We also called his Nanny that night and told her--it was fun getting to talk to her while family was still over.

We had so much fun telling family and friends.  And we are so excited that the news is finally public after keeping it a secret for what felt like forever.

We are so grateful for all of the love and support from family and friends and are excited about what's next for our family!

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