October 28, 2016

October Fun

In addition to all that has been going on with Life Lately, there have also been a few other fun things we've tried this month.

The day we painted the nursery we were planning to have dinner with our friends Lucas and Yali.  They generously offered to come early and help painting which let us knock out the 2nd coat very quickly.  After that we headed to check out the Richardson Food Truck Park together.
David and I have been talking about checking out the food truck park for a long time but hadn't made it out there yet, so it seemed like a good thing to do with friends.  They have different trucks every day.  The night we went they had a Mexican food truck and a Meat truck as well as donuts for dessert. 

 We enjoyed the weather and the live music while we ate.  It was such a fun atmosphere
 And we tried the s'mores mini donuts for dessert.  They were so good!

One of the benefits of not working this Fall is the flexibility I have.  So when my brother and sister in law were taking my niece and nephew to the Fair on a Thursday I enjoyed tagging along with them and my mom.

 They fed and looked at the animals.  There were lots of different animals to feed, but C liked the goats the best and only wanted to feed them.  This baby goat was so cute and fun!

Then we headed over to another children's area where they both went through growing crops and selling them at the market.

It was such a fun day with them!  I can't believe how big they are both getting, but it's fun to see them learn and experience new things!

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