September 29, 2016

Fall Vacation: New York

Friday morning, we woke up and made the 3 hour drive to Cooperstown, New York.  When we originally booked our trip we had planned to fly into Boston and fly out of New York City and end our trip with a few days in NYC.  But the more we talked about it, there wasn't anything specific we wanted to see in NYC and both of us had been there before on previous trips.  So after some thinking about it, I asked David if he would rather go up to Cooperstown on part of our trip to see the Baseball Hall of Fame.  He was hesitant at first because it's not really close to anywhere else we were going, but since we were renting a car we had the freedom to drive wherever.  So we decided to change our return flight to fly out of Albany since it's only about an hour and a half from Cooperstown and we ended our trip in Upstate New York.

Entering our 5th State in 5 days.  (New Hampshire Monday, Massachusetts {Boston} Touring on Tuesday, Rhode Island Wednesday, Connecticut Thursday and New York Friday).  This was so weird to me being from Texas where it takes hours to get out of our state or get to another major city in the state.  It was fun getting to see so much!

An added bonus of this part of our trip is that this drive is actually where we saw the most Fall Foliage.  Again, the pictures don't do it justice, especially since I was taking them from the front seat of the car.  But it was beautiful
We both discussed the possibility of moving to New York after this drive :)  But we don't think we'd handle all these beautiful roads in the snow quite as well.

We got to Cooperstown around lunch time and grabbed lunch and walked around a little.

Cooperstown is such a beautiful town!  The downtown area is so fun.  And it's right at the base of this mountain so it was gorgeous.  This picture was taken right in front of the Baseball Museum

So glad we came here!
David took hundreds of pictures while we were in the museum--so many in fact that he had to delete some things off his phone to have enough storage space.  I hung with him for a while touring the museum, but all of the walking we did that week had caught up to me and I was pretty wiped out.  So I spent a lot of the time seeing things and then sitting and resting on a bench while David took his time seeing all the exhibits.  There were a lot of really cool things.

Ken Griffey Jr is one of the newest inductees into the Hall of Fame, so he has a whole wall dedicated to him as you enter the Hall of Fame part of the museum.

Taking in the Hall of fame and all of the plaques.

We stopped on our way out of town and bought a few souvenirs and then drove to Albany to eat dinner and check into our hotel.  Our hotel was close to the airport and not all that close to downtown Albany, so Saturday morning we decided that we would just head to the airport instead of going into downtown for a few hours.  We had already seen lots of cities during our trip!  But we did laugh when we got to our gate at the airport and they had this "selfie spot" where you could take a picture with the Capital Building!  So we grabbed one to pretend like we were there! 

After a lot of waiting at the airport and a layover in Baltimore, we made it home Saturday night around 10:00 and were excited to sleep in our own beds.

Sunday we got up, unpacked and got laundry started before heading to pick up this girl.  So grateful for Grandma and Uncle Nick keeping her company all week!

Trip by the Numbers:
3 Planes
5 States
200 mile bus tour
About 20 miles of walking
About 430 miles of driving
It was a great week away!  We saw and did a lot and are so glad we had this experience together!!

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