September 28, 2016

Fall Vacation: JFK Library, Rhode Island and Connecticut

Wednesday morning we checked out of our hotel and went to Cambridge to pick up our rental car for the rest of the trip.  We didn't rent a car for our time in Boston since we could walk or use public transportation, but I am glad we got one the rest of the week so we could see so many other states and places along the way!

On our way out of Boston, we stopped to see the JFK Library

Living in Dallas, I've learned and heard a whole lot about JFK's assassination and his death.  I've been to the 6th Floor museum and the Grassy Knoll.  And I know that he made an impact as a President, but it was neat to see the library and hear so much more about his campaign and his Presidency. 

They were showing a video of him in the Oval Office Room 

At the end of the museum, there is this big open room that looks out over the Ocean and across to the skyline of Boston.  This flag is hanging from the ceiling in there

After the museum, we headed to Rhode Island to spend a night in Providence.  We checked into our hotel and got ready for a night out. 

We decided to splurge and have a little nicer dinner this night and everything was delicious.  It was a ton of food and we couldn't finish it all, but I'm so glad we got to try it!

I had the Lobster Mac and Cheese (which was actually listed as a side dish!)

And David had a steak.

Then we walked to the Providence Performing Arts Center to see Wicked.

 Fun Fact: Halfway through the first Act, I started worrying that I had left my hair straightener on in our hotel bathroom.  So during Intermission we walked back to our hotel (luckily it wasn't too far) to turn it off.  Only to find that I had in fact turned it off and unplugged it, I just didn't remember.  Oh dear.

We enjoyed the show and it was a beautiful theater in downtown Providence!
Thursday morning we got up to head to Connecticut.  We were meeting up with one of David's friends for dinner and we decided to stop in New Haven on the way.  While we were in Boston, I had seen one of my friends post pictures on Facebook from her trip to Boston and Connecticut the week before and I had commented that we were there as well.  She told us that everyone recommended this restaurant Frank Pepe's Pizzeria in New Haven, so we thought we'd give it a try. 

David had some of their Root Beer and we split a pizza.  It was fine, but not my favorite pizza.  

After lunch, we walked around toward Yale.  We found some of the Yale buildings, but never actually made it to the main part of Campus before it was time to head back to our car.  But it was still fun walking around in the city!

Then we headed to our friend Jon's home for dinner with his family.  While dinner was finishing up in the slow cooker, he and his wife recommended we go see the beach that was closeby.  So we spent some time at the beach with them and their 2 year old chasing birds and walking along the sand!

We came back and enjoyed pumpkin chili and some time catching up.  We are so grateful for their hospitality and had a really good time seeing where they live.  

Then we packed up and headed to our hotel for the evening.

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