September 27, 2016

Fall Vacation: Fall Foliage Tour

As I mentioned, one of the reasons I wanted to go to Boston in September was to see Fall.  So we found a Fall Foliage tour and booked tickets for it.  Since it was only the middle of September, it was still early and most of the leaves hadn't changed yet.  But I am so glad we did this tour because we got to see a lot of fun local places on the 200 mile loop through Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Also, it rained most of this day, so we were glad to be on a bus and not trying to walk around downtown Boston!

We loaded up the bus in downtown Boston and headed out with our group of about 10 people

The first stop was to a little coffee shop and restaurant in Massachusetts 

David got some bacon and eggs and I had a Pumpkin Muffin which was a perfect start to our Fall Tour! 

We stopped at Willard Brook State Forest to take some pictures 

Some of the trees were changing, but it's hard to see in the pictures 

We walked down and checked out this waterfall below the bridge

Next stop was for lunch at this New Hampshire Inn.  We had their "Fall Buffet" of steak tips, grilled fish and potatoes 

And finished it off with a delicious apple crisp for dessert

After lunch we headed further into New Hampshire and our driver pulled off at this overlook by a Lake.  There were lots of Red trees across the lake from us and it was really beautiful. 

Getting good use out of our selfie stick :) 

The last stop in New Hampshire was at a Farmer's Market and Pumpkin Patch

They had a place to pick your own apples, but it wasn't open 

Neither was the corn maze, but it made for a good photo op!

We had a great day touring New Hampshire and Massachusetts and crossing another state off our list!

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