September 30, 2016

Fall Vacation: The Announcement

So as fun as our vacation was, it was also a lot of fun coming home knowing that we were finally ready to share our baby announcement with everyone.  We found out we were expecting on our 3rd Anniversary in July (more details to come about how I told David!) so it's felt really weird to not talk about those things here, because it feels like we've already been doing a lot for baby.  

We are due at the very end of March and are so excited for this next journey.  It's no secret how much I love all things Fall related, so when I realized that the end of the first trimester lined up with the first week of Fall, I started looking at different Fall pregnancy announcements.  And then I realized it also lined up with our vacation, so we decided to make the announcement once we were home and we set out to take some pictures that would work for the announcement while we were up north.  As I mentioned, it was still early for much fall foliage, but we got a few good pictures with some changing trees and decided to use this one to announce our news.

This past year has been crazy and busy and full of lots of changes for us.  And I am so grateful for the Lord's hand in all of the details of our lives and His perfect timing for this little one that is coming soon.

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