September 26, 2016

Fall Vacation: Boston

We got home late Saturday from a fun week long vacation to the Northeast.  Since we got married, David and I have been talking about wanting to visit Boston.  One of the main things he wanted to see was Fenway Park.  One of the main things I wanted to see was Fall :)  So we settled on September so we could try to catch both.  It hasn't worked out the last few Septembers due to job changes and other things, but this year ended up being a perfect time.  And we had a great trip!  Today is all about our time in Boston--later this week I'll post about our Fall Foliage Tour and the rest of our trip to Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Cooperstown, NY!

So here we go!

When we first started planning our trip over the summer, we realized that hotels in Boston are really expensive.  So our best options seemed to be staying outside of the city.  Until we found this short term rental building.  It was basically like a studio apartment.  There's no onsite management, but they send you all of the information you need ahead of time.  It ended up being half the price of most of the hotels we looked at and it was so close to everything!  And we thought it was a fun way to experience a Boston neighborhood.  This is us in front of our building.
Fun Fact: The building has no elevators.  And we were on the 6th floor (although the first 2 floors are basement level, so we really only had to climb 3 flights of stairs every time, but still it was a lot)

We got to Boston on Saturday afternoon and took a taxi to where we were staying.  We grabbed a quick late lunch and then went back and took naps since we'd both been up early (like 3 or 4 am) that morning.  After resting, we got ready for our night out.  We went to a New York Pizza place close to our hotel and ate pizza slices bigger than our faces
 And then we headed to The Wilbur Theatre to see Jim Gaffigan's stand-up show.  He was very funny and a lot of fun to see in person!  The show didn't start until 9:45, so I was pretty exhausted by the time we were done!

 Sunday morning we slept in some and then walked around the city.  We walked out to Fenway Park to make sure we knew where we were going for the game and also to check out their team store.

David enjoyed taking pictures as we walked around the outside of the stadium
He bought a David Ortiz Red Sox shirt and we bought ponchos since it was supposed to rain for the game (although we luckily ended up not needing them!)

Then we headed back toward our room and stopped at this recommended seafood restaurant for lunch.  We had corn and lobster fritters, shrimp tacos, and fish and chips.  Everything was so good! 

We rested some that afternoon and then headed back to Fenway to see the Red Sox play the Yankees!

Fenway Park is such a fun atmosphere and it was a fun game to be at.  It seemed like the Red Sox weren't going to pull out a win, but they ended up coming from behind and winning 5-4! 

Monday was our fall foliage tour up to New Hampshire.  More details to come later :)

Tuesday we geared up for sightseeing in Boston.  We decided to book tickets for a Hop on Hop off trolley that went to 20 stops around Boston and Cambridge.  We got to the ticket counter to exchange our online vouchers for paper tickets and the guy informed us that they were short staffed and it was about 45 minutes between trolleys (instead of the usual 20 minutes).  As we walked out to catch the trolley he told us "Good Luck" which left me feeling not so confident in our choice for the day.  When we got to the trolley stop we talked to a couple who had been waiting over 45 minutes and every trolley that had come by was too full for them to get on.  Our hopes sunk a little further and we were discussing trying to get a refund when 3 trolleys in a row came and we were all able to get on.  I worried that it would be difficult to find seats at any other stops if we got off, but it ended up not being a problem the rest of the day which was blessing!  So we got on our trolley and enjoyed the commentary from the drivers!

First stop we got off at was in Cambridge.  The stop was right by MIT, so we saw some of it as we drove in.  We grabbed lunch and then got on the subway to head to Harvard.

 We had a lot of fun walking around Harvard and taking in all of the sights.  The buildings are so beautiful and it was a perfect day for walking around.  Here's David at the entrance to Harvard

After some walking around, we took the subway back to our trolley stop and headed back into town.  We got off at the State capital building and took a few pictures 

From there we walked the Freedom Trail to see several of the historic sights in Boston.  It was a few miles of walking, but we enjoyed everything we got to see!

This picture is in front of the fountain at the entrance to Old North Church.
Fun Fact: I bought a selfie stick before we went on this trip so we would be able to take some good pictures with scenery behind us.  Luckily we got a lot of good use out of it during our Fall Foliage Tour and the first half of our sightseeing day in Boston.  And then it stopped working, right before we took this picture.  Oh well, it was a $5 purchase so we got some use out of it before it died!

We ended the tour with a walk back into the city and capture this picture with the downtown buildings behind us

After that we took another trolley on the Seaport Loop to see the site of the Boston Tea Party and the USS Constitution.  It was too late in the day to get off at either stop, but we saw them from the trolley.  We finished the day off with dinner and a movie before heading back to our room to pack up.

Overall, we really loved Boston.  We did a ton of walking (miles each day) because everything is within walking distance and there was so much to see!  Definitely one of our favorite places that we've been!

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