September 28, 2015

Sic Em Bears

This past weekend we had the opportunity to go down to Waco and enjoy a Baylor football game.  We've been wanting to go see the new stadium that opened last year so we decided to find a weekend and do it this season.  And the last time we went to a game, David was coming in from a work trip so we didn't have a chance to walk around campus, so it was nice to show him around some.

We drove up around 11:00 and were excited to see the stadium as we got into Waco.

We spent some time in the bookstore and then  went to explore campus

 David got to meet Judge Baylor!  And yes, we bought him a Baylor hat to wear for the game since we'd be in the sun.  He's good to support the bears when he comes to games with me

 Walking over the bridge to the stadium!  Such a fun sight

 From our seats.  We were on the 2nd level, but still felt really close to the action.  Our seats were in the sun. so at the beginning of the 2nd half we went to sit with Nicki and her parents since they had a few open seats next to them

10 years ago I moved in to an apartment with this sweet friend.  I'm so grateful for all the Lord has done in our lives and in our friendship over the past 10 years and thankful for her continued friendship in my life!  It was so fun to get to experience McLane Stadium together for the first time.

And the football game wasn't too bad either :)

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Nicki said...

It was a great day, wasn't it?! Love you and our football friendship!! :)