September 13, 2015

The Year-Long Project

One of the decor projects for our house has been a year in the making--although it really didn't take too much time and effort.  

At one point on Pinterest, I had seen the idea to take a picture in the same location, with the same pose, in every season for a year.  I thought that was a really fun idea and I figured our first year living in our house would be a good time to do this.  

So we started last Fall and just recently took our Summer picture to bring it full circle. I had them printed this weekend and decided to hang them on canvases with some clips which ended up being very simple.  I hung them over our bed this afternoon

And here's a close up of the pictures if you want to see them. 

Since we moved into our house in September, we started with Fall.  We took our first picture on Thanksgiving morning.  By that point most of the leaves had fallen off the trees and were covering our lawn.  We took several different pictures that day, but this was my favorite.  So then we had to pose the same way for all the rest--so sorry for all of the kissing pictures :)

 I held out for a long time for a Winter picture hoping that we would get some snow.  I had almost given in and decided to take it anyway since our snowfall didn't come until the last week of February.  The first day that we had ice I made David take a picture with me, but it was pretty pathetic because you could hardly see any of it (it was so pathetic I didn't even keep a copy of the picture to show you), but for all we knew it was all the white we would get.  Luckily, that Friday we had an awesome snowfall.  I remember watching it coming down out of our office Window most of the day and by the time David got home from work our yard was covered.  I'm grateful we had a good snowfall for our Winter picture since some years we don't have any!

 We took our Spring picture the first week of June.  Which is still technically spring even though I think of June as summer.  I would have taken it earlier, but I had the cast on my foot for most of April and May.  So the first weekend the cast was off we took this one.  Luckily we had a ton of rain in April and May so our grass was very green at the beginning of June and it looks like a perfect Spring day

And we're back full circle to summer.  This picture is from the 2nd week of August before we headed to downtown Fort Worth with friends.  As you can see, there are already leaves on the ground again, but it's nothing compared to the amount of leaves we will have in a few months

I love how all of the pictures turned out.  And I am grateful to have these memories of our first year in our first home.